Melbourne Laser Cutting, Powder Coaters and Custom Metal Fabrication Experts

If you’re looking for powder coaters in Melbourne, or any robotic welding or laser cutting services, we have the answer. Our custom metal fabrication techniques can be applied to a wide variety products across a number of industries. Wiredex has been working with metal for over 60 years, and we’ve gotten better at it every day. Now, we provide Melbourne with laser cutting and custom metal fabrication services, as well as galvanisation, robotic welding, powder coating and more. We apply these advanced techniques to all our shelving solutions, but also individually for all custom metal fabrication jobs. Machinery, heavy equipment and other vehicles can benefit from our powder coaters. It can be applied in company colours or branded designs, and increases durability and longevity across the board. We can do customised powder coating on finished products, or apply these protective PVC paint coatings to any custom metal fabrication work.

  • Custom metal fabrication or manufacturing for all purposes can be carried out at our convenient Melbourne based workshop. It’s fully equipped with laser cutting and robotic welding facilities, and a full range of high capacity metal fabrication equipment, making us one of Melbourne’s most convenient and versatile steelwork centres.
  • Almost any retail or consumer products that incorporate stainless steel or other metal can benefit from precision laser cutting techniques, including home appliances, electronics or heavy duty packaging. Looking for a Melbourne lasing cutting provider for jobs of any size? We can handle it.

Expert Powder Coaters for all Jobs

Powder coaters can paint to exact thickness specifications, with a full range of colours and a finish tougher than any standard paints. The paint is applied as a flowing thermoplastic powder which is then electrostatically bonded to the desired surface. The resultant coating is scratch-resistant, solvent free and almost completely smooth, making it a significantly better choice of surfacing for almost all heavy duty or industrial applications. The only downside is that it requires specialised equipment. Fortunately, we have it covered. For all personal, corporate or industrial powder coatings, come to Wiredex. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching finish for car parts, a way to rebrand and extend the lifespan of company machinery or complete colouring and protection for industrial equipment, we can handle it. Powder coating is a better choice than standard paints, and will save you money in the long run. Contact us to start saving today.

Melbourne Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting is the best way of embossing, engraving, cutting out or otherwise shaping metal sheets. The process involves reflecting a powerful beam of light around the inside of a closed container until it attains sufficient energy. At this point it’s focused into a lens which concentrates it into a strong ray, focused on the work surface. At its narrowest point it’s a fraction of a millimetre in diameter, yet strong enough to cut through steel. It’s the most advanced, precise and effective way of cutting metals, and consequently a staple of many custom metal fabrication jobs. Wiredex has some of Australia’s most advanced equipment, enabling ultra-precise, extremely efficient and high volume laser cutting. Whatever your metalworking needs, Wiredex can cut it.

The Wiredex Custom Metal Fabrication Advantage

The Wiredex advantage means top quality work, the latest equipment and Melbourne’s most advanced manufacturing capabilities, all at competitive industry prices. There’s no reason to go anywhere else. We have Australia-wide delivery, and the most advanced robotic welding, laser cutting, powder coating and complete custom metal fabrication services at no extra cost. Contact us to enjoy the Wiredex advantage today.

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