Point of Sale Displays, Shelving and Racking Solutions

A deceptively complex and research-driven field, commercial shelving is by no means a simple product. Our design team is on top of it, however. Wiredex is Australia’s retail shelving specialist, with an experienced design team ready to develop tailored point of sale displays and other shop fittings. In addition to drawing on decades of market experience, we’re also constantly innovating and adapting in order to keep delivering the most effective point of sale displays on the market.


When compared to standard models, Wiredex products offer a number of tangible benefits:


  • Because they’re custom-made, our shelving can be designed to work with a number of different floor plans and layouts. We also offer modular and adjustable options for a degree of flexibility unmatched by anything else on the market.

  • Galvanisation and protective powder coating can have an enormous impact on the functioning lifespan of metal products. Abrasion-resistant, scratch proof and able to retain unmarred paintwork for years to come.

  • Suitability for a wide range of products and industries. We’ve supplied point of sale displays and shelving for department stores, hardware retailers, supermarkets, petrol stations, toyshops, convenience stores, sports outlets, gift shops, pharmacies, auto parts dealers, electrical suppliers, variety and discount stores and many others. Whatever you’re selling, we have the experience to present it at its best.

Point of Sale Displays Have Proven Benefits

A point of sale (POS) display is essentially a display stand tailored to a specific product or type of purchase. Their location at the ends of supermarket aisles or in front of checkout counters has been found to stimulate impulse buying, particularly when coupled with certain everyday products like confectionery and batteries. But every retail outlet, not just supermarkets, can benefit from POS displays.

  • Looking to boost sales for a new product line? We can create a highly-visible, tailored merchandise rack for it. When shopping, people like to stick with things they already know. Presenting new items in an eye-catching way, with display stands that clearly present the selling points of that product, are enough to convince people to buy something new.
  • Want a special way to present goods that are on sale? Let customers know you’re offering great deals with one of our flexible, modifiable display stands. These wirework stands can be easily refitted with a new façade on a regular basis, to suit whatever’s on offer. If you’re after a better way to move discounted products, a POS display can help.
  • Dealing with limited floor space? POS displays are generally designed to take advantage of underutilised areas, while Wiredex stands in particular are tailored to make the most of tight spots. If you have empty space in your store, you’re not selling as much as you could be. We can help fill the gap with guaranteed sales.
  • Interested in benefiting more from holidays? Easter, Christmas, Halloween and any other holiday are a great time to utilise POS displays. Relevant goods and a matching display will help you make the most out of these peak sales periods.

Contact us for customised, long-lasting and reusable point of sale displays, and start boosting your revenue ASAP.

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