Display Shelves to Maximise Your Sales

Aesthetics count for a lot when it comes to moving merchandise. Improve your sales right away with customised display shelves, tailored to make your goods stand out. Research has shown that all industries can benefit from a customised presentation system, from service stations to pharmacies. It’s impossible for any single merchandise storage or display shelf system to effectively utilise existing floor space while simultaneously presenting goods in their best light, which is why Wiredex offers tailor made retail shelving solutions of all types.

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An extremely effective way to present a wide variety of products, gondola systems are adaptable and able to incorporate a highly flexible array of attachments, ensuring compatibility with almost any sort of merchandise. This workhorse shelving display forms the backbone of most retail centres

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Supermarket Shelving

Wiredex supermarket shelving systems are modular, simple and quickly adjustable to ensure that they’ll always be able to keep up with the rapidly changing requirements of supermarkets, both large and small.

library shelving

Library Shelving

Library shelving is a constantly changing format that has to be able to handle an enormously wide range of media, including books of all sizes, magazines, ebooks, audiovisual systems, DVDs, videos and practically any other type of media. Wiredex has it covered.

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Wiredex racking, for both industrial and shop fitting purposes, has a proven track record of exceptional functionality, unparalleled durability and complete flexibility, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Display Stands
A great way to boost sales, our experienced in-house design team can create unique stands that are proven to make merchandise stand out. Particularly good for point of sale displays, these can be used almost anywhere and come custom-fabricated in order to fully utilise remaining floor space.

Get a Perfect Display Shelf Today

Every day spent without a tailored merchandise display shelf is a day of lost sales. Wiredex systems are tailor made from scratch, ensuring their features match your needs perfectly, and come at standard industry prices. Contact us to get the benefits of Wiredex display shelves.

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