Customised Display Stands

Whether you’re preparing for an expo, looking for a fresh way to offer a flagship product or trying to shore up flagging sales for underappreciated goods, a tailored Wiredex display stand can help. Because they’re specially made for your needs, our display stands are guaranteed to show your merchandise in the best light, while taking full consideration of all requisite cost effectiveness, audience-targeting and store layout considerations. Wiredex product shelving systems are built around the latest and most complete consumer behaviour research, coupled with input from our experienced design team. This means we not only deliver display stands that perfectly meet all your requirements, but actively exceed industry standards for customer engagement and sales rates.


For Your Audience
Get specially designed display stands for specific audiences. If you’re looking for a great way to present confectionary, toys, clothing, equipment or anything else, we have the answer. By looking at all factors, our merchandise presentations can boost your revenue. For example, toys and confectionary are best presented at heights where children can easily see and reach them. Hardware or other equipment is at its best when presented on visually appropriate fittings, such as those with galvanised steel finishes that can effectively convey innate qualities like durability and professionalism. Customised display stands move merchandise better than standard options.


For Your Space
Wiredex display stands are adapted to their environment. Every store is different, and no standard merchandise presentation options will ever fit quite as well as size and shape-specified models. Whether you’re looking for a point of sale, countertop, aisle-end or shop corner display stand, we have the answer. Wiredex tailored variants let you get the most out of your floor space, showing more merchandise in the same area without disrupting foot traffic.

For Longevity
Enjoy the savings of a durable, long-life display stand. Our merchandising units last longer and perform better than others. We make them ourselves, giving us the opportunity to apply top-end galvanisation techniques, power coating or other protective surfaces. Want to show merchandise outdoors? Try a secure, weatherproof and UV resistant display stand. Are rust, scratches and flaking paint making your merchandise look bad? Wiredex can solve this problem for good.


For a Variety of Uses
Use flexible, modular Wiredex display stands anywhere. The same fitting can be used outside one day and on a glass countertop the next. Thanks to our optional lightweight, tubular designs and removable components, you can shift our product racks without breaking a sweat, and set them up anywhere secure in the knowledge that they won’t have any issues.


Superior Display Stand Functionality at no Extra Cost

Wiredex is one of Melbourne’s favourite steel fabrication and metalwork centres. On any given day we’re manufacturing countless different products. Shelving and display stands, however, are a specialty. Our intensive experience and unparalleled machining capacity lets us provide customised display stands with an enormous range of free extras, optional accessories and different characteristics, all at no extra cost.
Looking for a display stand in Melbourne? No need to go anywhere else. Wiredex offers the most advanced products and highly tailored solutions. Contact us today, and make your merchandise shine.

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