The Uses of Welded Mesh

Because it’s so versatile and useful, there are an enormous variety of welded mesh products in existence, from light fencing to heavy duty structural support, each with their own array of potential customisations and applications. Wiredex has been supplying Australia with high quality but cost effective welded wire mesh for over half a century now. In the process we’ve become experts on all kinds of wirework, able to provide not only the product, but also all relevant information and advice regarding the different varieties of welded mesh available. We consider our expert knowledge to be just as important as our steel fabrication capabilities, largely because of the wide variety of welded mesh available and the number of uses each type can find.

    • Fencing: Welded mesh is an overwhelmingly popular fencing material on account of its superior strength, low cost and light weight. It also comes in a wide variety of finishes, making it an excellent solution for almost any environment or industry, from agriculture to entertainment security. We manufacture weldmesh fencing for all purposes and can provide answers tailored directly to your needs, ensuring you’ll get a stronger, longer lasting and precisely-to-specification fencing solution every time and at no extra cost.
    • Bars and Grating: Strong, easy to install and supremely cost effective, welded mesh bars are used in drain coverings, safety walls, platform gratings and more. A lot of heavy industries like mining and chemical processing find welded wirework to be invaluable. This is because of its heavy duty yet ergonomic features and capacity for superior corrosion, temperature and abrasion resistance when properly coated. Here at Wiredex we not only manufacture welded mesh, but also galvanise, treat and powder coat it to specification, ensuring you’ll always get exactly what you need.

Wiredex Welded Mesh Treatments

Wiredex can do it all, from fabrication to galvanisation to installation. No welded mesh production run is too big, small or complex for us to handle, which is why we’re sought out not just in Melbourne but all around Australia. Our well-equipped workshop and high quality metal treatment and finishing procedures ensure we have the means to deliver the best welded mesh solutions for any purpose.

    • Electrogalvanised: A cost effective anti-corrosion surface that’s popular in the construction industry for its blend of price and durability, this is a common metal finishing process. Wiredex electrogalvanised work is highly sought after for a wide variety of applications.
    • Zinc Coated: This welded mesh undergoes a hot dipping process in molten zinc for a tough, flexible and chemical resistant coating. Stainless, rust-proof and suitable for use anywhere, our zinc coated wirework is a great choice for any fencing needs.
    • PVC Coated: Wiredex’s in-house powder coating facilities let us offer PVC coated welded mesh of all types. Our wide array of available colours mean you’re sure to find wire fencing for any situation, while simultaneously enjoying the strength and durability offered by our safe and corrosion-proof protective coatings.
    • Uncoated: The same high quality steel found in all Wiredex products, but without the metal coating procedures. For the most straight-forward utilitarian uses, uncoated welded mesh offers strong, simple and easily installed solutions at unbeatable prices.

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